Thieves of Time

Where we will find the destinies of the sons of Time, vledians and the human kind.

Vledboog have been waiting for this moment for his entire life, which means more than a hundred million turns of the Schemvled, energy fountain and also the register of his civilization. He was the most outstanding cadet, in his mind only existed the main goal to prepare himself more than anyone, he felt confident but excited for his first mission. He was going to receive his initiation, the desired kronyan, the mantle which did separate the vled from the “worm”. There were no possibilities for them, those who could not achieve this accreditation consumed his life and his body of subtle materials until completely degrade in the cosmic noise. The vleds who managed to pass the tests of gravitational inframetry, wave premonition and anti-matter condensation calculations between others, could become sowers and their life could be eternal along with that of the whole race, an error in sowing and the entire civilization would disappear. Continuar leyendo “Thieves of Time”